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December 21, 2007


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Cat food

Providing covered enclosures with blankets and towels, or even hay as bedding, will provide these cats a place to get out of the worst of the weather and at least stay relatively dry.


P.S. to Rose or anyone else whose cat has a cold: Once the cold symptoms are gone, you don't need to continue with the homeopathic remedy pellets. If the symptoms recur, use the pellets until the cold is gone. Homeopathic remedies are not like antibiotics that need to be taken until the bottle is finished. Also, keep the pellets in a dark and dry place. Merry Christmas and happy new year!


THIS MESSAGE IS FOR ROSE who wrote on 12/11/11. Rose, just go to the grocery store and buy the homeopathic cold remedy pellets. These are NOT benadryl! They come in a small tube and are meant for humans but the pharmacist at Walgreen's told me that I could use them on my cats (all 8 of which had a terrible cold) and it worked within 2 days! BTW, I had gone to the vet and gotten their prescription for antibiotics that DID NOT HELP at all - in fact, those made my cats feel worse and I went thru that for seven days! Any homeopathic cold remedy would work but the pellets are small and can be mixed with food.


My 3-year-old cat has symptoms mentioned here. We absolutely always keep our 3 cats well-fed, etc., but we are having trouble financially, and absolutely cannot afford to take her to the vet. We just moved to a low-income apartment, and she's been sneezing for a few weeks, pretty much since we moved in. Now she seems to have a full-on cold. Since she got sick, I've been taking her into the bathroom once a day to shower (for the steam to help clear her nose, and for the extra moisture to get in her coat) but otherwise, I don't know what to do to help this miserable kitty (and she hates it, btw). And, it sounds like the cold symptoms might go away, but I'm also wondering if she could have allergies to the carpet or something too.


I have a female Devon Rex who is utd on all vaccinations. The stud we were going to use was just diagnosed with FCV. Will there ever be a chance he can be used as a stud cat or should I find another stud? Is there a way to find out if the virus is totally gone?


Hi. Not sure if this is still moderated, but worth a shot.

Long story short.

Found stray cat wondering around the middle of the road. Collared. Took her home. Called Humane Society & posted on Craigslist.

She obviously has URI but is eating/drinking/potty'in well. I keep her nose & eyes clean. But she is definitely sick.

I have isolated her to my bathroom (I have other cats)

Questions: How much of a infection transfer risk do I have w/ her here & having other cats.

How long should I expect this too last before taking her to the vet?
Since she is eating/drinking/etc I decided to wait. I ll have to take her in & see if she's chipped, but want to see if she'll get better.


Is there any link between a cat having a cold and hair balls? Last week he coughed as if he had a hairball and this week he seems to have a cold. He's an indoor/outdoor cat and none of the other cats in the area seem to have these symptoms. Of course when I went to find him to take him to the Vet he was nowhere to be found.

Evan Crum

Hi, I have a 1yr old cat and I took her to the vet yesterday. She basically has a cold or a "upper respirotory infection." She can barely open one of her eyes and I feel bad for her because she is constantly meowing but she seems in good spirits. How long do these last? 5 days like you said or longer.

Dr Larry

Kayla, often cats with upper respiratory infections will have inflammed eyes. The third eyelif or nictating membrane will often protrude from the medial or inside portion of the cats eye.

You can make your cat more comfortable by removing any secretions or crusty build up around the eye or nose with a warm cloth. Hand feeding also can help with cats that are not eating. It is always best to see the vet if your cat is not eating or has a fever.


I have a stray cat with a cold what is some home remedies? and also there is like skin over the cats eyes is that from the cold? what is it called


It's Saturday night. On Tuesday night, my 13 year old orange tabby (Ichabod Crane) had to be put to sleep because he was sick. I was away, but my daughter said the vet said his liver had shut down and that he had a tumour in his mouth. I was (still am) devastated. He was my constant for all those years and now he's just gone. Today when I got home from work, I noticed that his brother (a grey tabby named Leopold) has started to sneeze. He's eating and drinking and playful - but he's sneezing. I know he misses his brother because he calls for him. Suggestions? I'll make a vet appointment for him, but in the meantime - is there anything special I should be doing. And because of the death of my sweet Ichabod Crane, is it much more serious? Should I be taking him to a vet hospital immediately? I'd appreciate your wisdom.

Dr Larry

Andrea, it's really hard for me to comment on what your veterinarian has recommended for a treatment plan. It sounds right. The medications you mention are all indicated for the management of upper respiratory infections. From where I sit, without any first hand knowledge of the situation, it looks like everything is being done to insure a positive outcome.
You definitely need to get rid of the ear mites. Let us know how your kitty is doing in a week or so. Good luck.


2 weeks ago I adopted a beautiful 7 year old female cat, and yesterday she began sneezing, scratching her ears and shaking her head constantly. I took her to the vet this morning and he diagnosed acarus, or mites, in her ears so he gave her another dose of "Revolution" (selamectin) flea treatment. He also diagnosed her with upper respiratory tract congestion and ordered a 3 day treatment with dalacin, clamoxil, ketoleir and setalin (I can barely understand his handrwriting so these names are referential). This is going to be expensive and I don't know if I can trust this doctor, so I just wanted to know if this is a reasonable treatment because it seems a bit excessive in my opinion.
Thank you in advance for any advice on this subject.

Dr Larry

I'd take Socks in to your veterinarian for a physical exam as soon as you can. He could have one of the upper respiratory viral infections mentioned in our post.
There are other diseases that have similar signs and symptoms. Feline distemper or panleukopenia is one to rule out.


My cat socks is very sick.I realize this because he is very often depressed and also socks had got caught in the rain a couple of
times. My cat Socks has frequent mucous in his eyes and I panis because I thought my cat
was going blind. Now he sleeps more than usual and eats rarely anything. I'm worried,what should I do.


My kitty seems to be pretty much over her cold, and she's back to her usual naughty self -- except that, when she purrs, she sounds like a rusty gate, kinda wheezy. This happened the last time she had a cold, and it went away in a few weeks. I'm just slightly concerned, though, because it's been about a month since she recovered, and it seems to be lingering longer this time -- though I think it is getting better, very slowly. It only happens when she purrs, not at other times, and it sounds like she's got mucous in her throat. She doesn't cough, and her little nose hardly ran at all, even during the worst of the cold. Can I do anything to help her? Should I be concerned?

Dr Larry

Sounds like you are on the right track. Try to keep her eyes and nose clean and free from any discharge. Use a warm wash cloth and gently remove any crusty discharge that accumulates.


We have a rescue cat who had an upper respiratory infection when we got her four years ago. At that time, the vet told us she would likely have recurring infections from time to time, and she is presently on her third. I know we have to wait it out, but I'm wondering if I can make her feel better by putting her in a steamy room, or giving her warm chicken broth. Or if you have other suggestions, I'd love to hear them. She has a warm bed in a draft-free place, and we make sure she always has fresh water and plenty to eat. She's not eating enthusiastically, but she is still eating and drinking, and her litter habits seem normal. All she seems to want to do is be held and watch a little television.

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