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February 24, 2011


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J. Howard-Leighton - I have no way of connecting with someone from so long ago.

Perhaps you could connect with a local veterinarian who might help? I would definitely call around and ask about getting help.

Is there no animal shelter you can talk to? I feel helpless this far away.

Also, do you use Facebook? My company, BlogPaws, is well connected via Facebook. You could post a question about this on our page and perhaps someone would respond. Good luck!

J Howard-leighton

How can I contact Patric Hart who commented back inAugust 15 2011?

I am in his situation. I am 81 years old English, I live in France but can get no help from anyone except to be told to get them Operated! .my husband is 83 we are struggling to feed all these cats and endless kittens. We have our own house cats but cannot walk away from all these cats who live in our barn.
We need to sell up and return to the UK but that is not possible. We cannot catch these cats so impossible to do what people say and take them to the vet even if we could catch them we cannot afford vets bills. It costs us a fortune every week feeding all these cats and kittens twice a day. Not to mention the endless washing up of the dishes. We use plastic flower pot saucers as feed dishes. We need to know how to give them the contraceptive pill anything any one can advise would be a help

Eliza Firth

I am feeding 10 feral cats, some obviously left by previous owners and very affectionate (I have 4 cats of my own) 2 of these cats are wild females, it's impossible to get near them but I feed them every day at the same time and they eat all the food. I want to buy contraception for these cats but am finding it impossible - there is no doubt they will keep getting pregnant - I could control this by giving them the pill.

Kim Skater

FeralStat site is closed down, but there are "generic" formulas that are same as FeralStat--only much cheaper. Google "FeralStat Topix" and you'll see a blog that lists the complete formula & how to obtain it much cheaper than original FeralStat.

Feralstat works & if used correctly, will have NO harmful effects--much better than letting the colony fend for themselves.

Bob Leeper

So, would we just arbitrarily give a contraceptive that has such serious side effects to... teenagers, to keep them from ... contributing to the rising teen pregnancy stats?
Has this person read the potential side effects of oral contraceptives on humans. Almost as bad as the potential side effects of FeralStat on cats. Yet they are available because they work.
Logic dictates "caring people should treat all living beings with respect and consideration. This person appears to believe the humane answer for feral cats and promiscuous teenagers is to trap - neuter - release, regularly. However, my belief is society should prosecute people who neglect, abuse or abandon any sentient being, anmmal or human.
FeralStat worked successfully taking us from 19 kittens last year we had to place through the internet to no kittens or litters for the last 9 months. We still have feral cats they still cat around, they just are (or were) not conceiving.
For my money please keep FeralStat available and tell the Vet community they are just going to have to do without all that extra feral neuter business income and just practice being good caring Vets.


Check this out..


"*In numerous studies over three decades, FeralStat's main ingredient (megestrol acetate) has been found to pose serious health risks in cats, including diabetes mellitus, mammary swelling and tumors, uterine disease, pyometra, and skin disorders. Megestrol acetate is not now, nor has it ever been, approved by the FDA for use in cats."

Patrick Hart

I had 40 feral cats in my barn 3 yrs ago.The population was out of control.I started using feral stat and now I have a manageable 10. Now this is no longer avalible,I am assuming due to articals like this. I did not wish to be cruel and thin them out with a gun,but you leave little option. Not all people can afford $100 per cat to spay them.Feral Stat worked great,no side effects.
Thanks a Lot!!!

Discount Pet Supplies

Great Article! I wish we could solve the problems with Feral Cats, it is such a shame that there are so many of them out there.

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