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November 20, 2012


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Caroline Coile

My NEXT BIG THING is here! Almost two years in the making: the new DogSpotters mobile app!

We anticipate dogspotting will be a new community-building activity where users talk with dog owners about their dogs and share sightings and life list accomplishments via Facebook. The app makes identifying a dog easy by just tapping a few characteristics. It also includes fun information about each breed and a breed identification and trivia game.

Press Release:

DogSpotters Mobile App for IOS Launches DogSpotting as New Social Activity

How many breeds have you spotted? DogSpotters creates a fun activity where users identify, keep track of, and share with their friends about purebred dogs they spot.


"DogSpotting is a fun new social activity for dog lovers --- like birdwatching, but with dogs!"

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) November 20, 2012

The new DogSpotters mobile app for iPhone and iPad creates a fun social activity in which users spot dog breeds, share sightings with friends and build their life lists while they develop and challenge their breed IQ.

"DogSpotters marks the start of a new pastime---dog spotting---like bird watching, but with dogs!” says Ellen Brodsky, president of Telemark Productions LLC, creators of DogSpotters. "And unlike bird watching, with dog spotting you get to talk to the owners of the dog! Knowing the breed, and something about it, is a great ice breaker and community-builder."

DogSpotters helps users to identify a dog's breed by selecting one or more traits and by distinguishing among similar breeds. Once users identify a breed, they create a Sighting. They can then try to complete various Sighting Lists, from easier lists like the Most Popular Breeds to difficult ones like all the AKC® Terriers, Dogs from the Middle East, Africa and Australia, or the Rarest Breeds. In addition, users can meet the breeds through informative profiles and top-quality photos; challenge themselves with an extensive breed IQ game; and join in with chats, photos of unusual dogs, and other interactivities on the DogSpotters Facebook page. Users can share their Sightings as well as their list and game achievements with friends on Facebook.

"It doesn't matter if you can't tell an Azawakh from a Xoloitzquintli, or even a Chihuahua from a Great Dane---DogSpotters will have you spotting breeds like a pro in no time!" says Brodsky.

DogSpotters allows users to
• Identify a dog’s breed by selecting a combination of traits.
• Use the Similar tab and May Be Confused With guide to tell similar breeds apart.
• Complete lists of Most Popular or Rarest Breeds, different dog Looks, Regions of the World, and AKC® Groups while building their Life List, like birdwatchers do.
• Add photos of dogs they spot, with personal notes.
• Earn ribbons while building dog ID skills with the DogSpotters game. The game has 72 levels of difficulty with sections devoted to Breed ID, AKC® Groups, Regions of the World and Trivia.
• Share sightings, list completions and game achievements with friends on Facebook.
• Explore breed profiles that include physical traits, history, trivia, pop culture appearances and celebrity owners. See hundreds of photos of top breed representatives.
• Hear the American pronunciation of each breed name.
• Use the Web links for each breed to check the AKC® standard and find breeders, rescue organizations, books about the breed and other information.
• Join the DogSpotters community, with ongoing events and conversations by way of the Dogspotters webpage and Facebook page.

The $4.99 DogSpotters app was developed by Telemark Productions, LLC, the creators of the IAMS online Dog and Cat Breed Libraries and Dog Breed Selector and Comparer Tools, with Caroline Coile, award-winning author of more than 34 books about dogs, and Warren Cook, expert dog show photographer.

For product information and more screenshots, visit http://www.dogspotters.com. You can download our media kit from the Support/Media page. For interviews or additional information, contact Caroline Coile at press(at)dogspotters(dot)com

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