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May 04, 2013


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LOL! I don't know if I should be glad that I'm not receiving these offers or slightly offended that they don't think my little blog worthy of their attention! However, I'll remember this should I ever be approached.

GeeGee Parrot

Can I stick my beak in here? I am an African Grey Parrot and it is mighty good to hear you canine folk get the same 'dudu' from those stupid people who want us to part with our hard earned loot..

As the humans wrote in their comment above.. let them write on their OWN Blogs and make their own fun and money.. My blog is for ME and MY Dear Readers.. Yes, I write about other animals and humans.. why I'll probably write about having found this one .. for I like dogs.. but PAY someone to write on MY blog..

They are either crazy, dumb or stupid.. not attributes that I admire in humans. Thanks for your Blog..


Oh my gosh! So funny and so true! Good grief. I don't even respond to those, as others have said.

Jobi and Fisher

Well said! I have had a few legitimate ones, but the others...well, we all are on to them by now.


If they are way off...as in don't even know I have a pet blog and/or want to guest post about doohickies I just deleted them. I don't spend time responding because they didn't spend time to get a clue. It's just spam.

Although annoying, I try to look on the bright side - my site has enough traffic or whatever to get noticed by somebody. The way The more popular you are the more spam you will get. Or at least that is what I tell myself :)


I just delete the crap. I don't even reply. I guess that's rude, but I think most of these people get the message that I am not interested if they don't hear from me.

Caren Gittleman

Yep I get these ALL of the time! Often times, they want to put SPAM links in their posts and it is another way to spread viruses.
The second I write back and ask them to tell me WHAT my blog(s) are about, they disappear. Why? Because they have never read the blogs of those they are contacting!

Kimberly, The Fur Mom

OMG I do the exact same thing, but I charge $100. I magically get removed from their list when I do that. The one I got this morning was "Dear Webmaster" and about hair care - not dog grooming - human hair care. Did you even look at my blog when you were filling out the contact form?


Looking forward to meeting you at BlogPaws. Found your blog in an alert I have set up for Pet Bloggers and I loved this title!

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