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August 18, 2014


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Tiffany's Diamond Dogs

Great re-cap and it sounds like an incredible conference. Will for sure be planning for it for next year!

Kiril Kundurazieff

An excellent report!

I so wish I could attend the Cat Writers' Assoc. conference this fall, and the next Blog Paws but, alas I know I won't be able to.

RE: "I worry that people will discover I am not worthy," one woman admitted.

You ARE worthy. You may not have many readers, few resources, not many connections, not as many skills, but you are a writer and you have no doubt had plenty of people compliment you, people that, a few years ago you never knew and never dreamed would notice your work.

RE: "I wish I knew more about blogging," another woman shrugged.

So the hell do I and I've been doing it since 2002! Never stop learning and improving upon what you DO know.

The most important thing is your writing. Content makes the blog.

I have learned to do so much along the way. If all I cared about was traffic stats I would have quit after 3 years and never developed my creative gifts further, shared that creativity with others, and made the friends I have made.

My life hasn't been easy, the last few years, but I never miss a chance to encourage others to discover their creative side.

I have been on this journey since rescuing my first creative muse, in 1998, and where I'll end up I look forward to discovering.

Dolly the Doxie

It sounds like an amazing time maybe we'll get to go someday! Love Dolly

Kristin Elliott

Women supporting women. It is how we heal, learn, grow, thrive, and soar.....
How blessed am I to be a part of the flying club.
Thank you, Yvonne. You, too, have been there to help me strap myself in when I didn't think I could click that safety buckle across....Friends are safety.
:)PS... I'll be there, next year, for sure!

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