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May 18, 2009


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Whatever decision you make do not purchase DogLeggs. They do not work. There is not enough padding on the product to safely protect the elbow or other affected area. They are not worth the proce. A far better option is to purchase a Heelbo Heel/elbow protector. They only cost a few dollars vs. the 175.00 you will spend on this useless product. My dog has a hygroma and after using the DogLeggs standard adjustable for one month the hygroma was worse than ever before. There is not enough padding on the product. When I tried to return the product under the 45 day money-back guarantee DogLeggs refused to honor their own standard product return policy stating that the product had to be in "like new" condition. So basically, if you buy this product and use it, then you cannot return it. There are far better and less expensive options. Check out http://www.phoenixdesignsolutionsllc.com/veterinaryproducts/dogelbowprotection.html or http://www.canineangelsinc.com/ which are much less expensive options and at least those companies will honor they product return policy.

L. Jones, DVM

The DogLeggs do work but you do need to prevent your dog from chewing them. Although most dogs tolerate them well, for some dogs it takes time to get used to wearing them. It is recommended by DogLeggs to supervise your pet especially during initial wear. Unfortunately, there is nothing a dog can't chew so supervision until your pet is comfortable wearing the DogLeggs is important.

Arthur M. Skolnik FAIA

To everyone about Dogleggs,
We own a 10 month old 160# English Mastiff who had developed a large Hydroma on one of his front elbow before we acquired him. We bought the Dogleggs ($150+) restraint hoping it would do the job. Much to our frustration it proved worthless. Our dog was able to reach around and rip it off and in the process, destroying the material. Eventually, one month, there wasn't enough material to put it on. The only way it could have worked was if it came with an inflatable dog collar to prevent him from getting to it altogether. By the time we bought that collar ($45)there wasn't enough material in the DogLeggs to make it work.

We are very disappointed about this product and are looking for a solution that is more full proof.

Can anyone help us?


Sherry Stanley

Our weimaraner was recently diagnosed with a elbow hygroma. We have him on homeopathic arnica 6c which our vet has had good luck treating this condition with....let you know if it works.

John-Henry Gross

Dr. Larry,
Thank you for the reference to the Standard Adjustable DogLeggs. We heard about the posting from Ellie when she called us.

In the past dealing with hygromas has been a perplexing problem that did not have a good solution. In fact the reason DogLeggs got started was we had a Rotti that developed a hygroma and the vet said there was no effective solution; we invented DogLeggs and now there is a great solution (www.dogleggs.com/files/story.cfm).

Over the last 10 years we have shipped nearly 10,000 pairs of DogLeggs and have an extremely high percent success rate, certainly in the high 90’s, including massive bursa much larger then a tennis ball.

It is sad to say that we still hear horror stories from our customers on a weekly basis about veterinarians that tried to treat a hygroma with multiple aspirations or worse surgery, that end up as ulcerative sores. I have heard multiple conversations at veterinary conferences between surgeons saying “I will never touch another hygroma with a scalpel again it only ends up in misery for both the patient and me.”[actual quote]. Fortunately, Standard Adjustable DogLeggs with a foam doughnut can also be used to help heal those too, but the problem was preventable in the first place.

I also have heard and read about the rectus abdominus muscle surgery and it is great that it exists for situations when the hygroma has swollen and ruptures or for other situations where there is a major wound at the elbow. The even better news is that there is a very effective and economical way to heal a hygroma, DogLeggs.

Again thank you for your support and recommendation.

John-Henry Gross
VP of Marketing and co-founder

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