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June 18, 2009


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Laurel Braun

We have a 12 year old Jack Russell/Dachshund mix. She is panting in the winter time. She does have a fatty tumor growth on the side of her. She does not seem anxious and it is not too hot. What could the problem be? Could it be Cushing Disease? If so is there something that would help her?

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Kimberly Mark

I just adopted a new pet and she is currently panting non-stop. It is a little warm in the house but I believe it might be because of the new environment. Am I wrong? Should I wait till she gets more adjusted before I take her to the doctor?


If these minerals are lacking due to the pancreatic issue he would have problems absorbing his meals. There are compound alternative items available for you to put in his meals.

alicia giller

i need help my rottie is going to be a year old on nov 26 2010 he pants all the time except when sleeping could it be the heat on in the house for winter making him pant even when hes not doing anything?


i have a 1 year old female german shepperd and at night when i go to sleep my boodie sleeps right next to me on the floor right next to the heat duct.and when the heat goes on boodie starts to pant just for a minute or two then she stops.ps i moved her bed away from the heat duct and now boodie does not pant as much as she did.but still she pants at times thats a normal thing for german shepperds or other type of dogs.ps if your dog pants just a very short time thats ok but if they pant all the time i would take the dog to the vet and get there help.

Larry McDaniel

It might have something to do with the the pancreatitis, but it's hard to say. Pain can cause panting in some dogs and pancreatitis can be painful. The gas might be related too. The pancreas produces enzymes that help digest fat, protein and carbohydrate. If these enzymes are deficient due to the pancreas problem he would have difficulty digesting his food. There are enzyme replacement products available for you to put in his food. You might want to discuss this with your veterinarian. Good Luck!

susan zalewski

My German Shepherd pants allot at night while sleeping and gets a bit agitated. He has pancreatis and I thought maybe his medicine is not working anymore, and he has terrible, awful gas, I thought he might be panting because of pain. He wants to go outside and lay down in the night air by himself. He is only 4 and I worry with his pancreatis. He has also slowed down quite a bit. His weight has stayed about the same, around 76 lbs, he was 90 at his heighest weight. He was diagnosed 2 plus years ago and as been doing ok. But can pain cause the panting, it's very heavy

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