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July 07, 2014


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Shirley Hellandbrand

The Frito Lay company is the one we should be targeting to get these bags to have warning labels. A friend of mines dog died in a Frito bag. When I saw an add for the supper bowl, with them having a dog fetch a Frito bag, it upset me, I wanted to trough up.the companies reply to a phone call to them was,and I quote. sir, we made a lot of money on the add, and we will continue to run the add. they just do not care. The fact that they made money on that add ment more to them,then to do something about what is happening to our beloved pets. So let's boy cot the Frito company, and get them to put these warning labels on these bags, so that we can save our pets now.

Chris Diehl

I wonder if a sticker can be made to add to the bag. I manage a small store and could easily label the bags. Maybe even a warning on the shelf. Just an idea. I don't leave trash around my house or food left out at all. I secure my trash cans and my food.

Bonnie Harlan

Yvonne, thank you so much for helping highlight the very real dangers of pet suffocation from chip bags and other food packaging. I founded "Prevent Pet Suffocation" after my dog Blue suffocated in a Cheetos bag in 2011 and started the petition to Frito Lay that you linked to last summer. Anything we can do to raise awareness helps save more dogs' lives. I'm reposting your article on my Prevent Pet Suffocation FB page. Thank you again for your help! Bonnie Harlan - Prevent Pet Suffocation

Yvonne DiVita

Thanks, Carol. We need to get the word out big time!

Yvonne DiVita

@Caren, I hear ya! Our Chester, may he rest in peace, was like that. He would definitely get into a snack bag, if we'd had any out and about. I know you'll keep on top of that...but remember, Dakota could also be in trouble with this issue. I think we should all think like parents of toddlers and figure out what needs doing to protect our beloved furry kids from danger. Which also means learning about hidden dangers, like this one. Do spread the word!

Yvonne DiVita

@Christina, I was appalled when I read about Blue and how he died! Appalled and scared to death! Who would even imagine such a thing? I will be talking this up as much as I talk up not leaving your pet in a hot car.

Christina Berry | The Lazy Pit Bull

Last summer, Bonnie from Prevent Pet Suffocation reached out to me to help spread the word about her petition after her dog, Blue, died. Like you, it had never occurred to me that pets were dying every day this way. It's horrifying. What's worse are the people who blame the owners, asking "why weren't you watching your dog?" I'm a vigilant pet parent, but it's hard to protect our babies from the dangers we don't even realize exist.

Caren Gittleman

This is some scary stuff. I never knew about snack bags. Ugh! I have to be vigilant with Cody because he is OBSESSED with trying to eat saran wrap, plastic bags and scotch tape. He has a major plastic obsession. I often feel as if I have an infant in the house with the things I have to do to "Cody proof" dangerous items.

Carol Bryant

I am sharing this high and low - ty!

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