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November 19, 2016


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Layla, yes the construction is troubling. But more so, I think Emily is worried about our Olive. Olive is slowly deteriorating. We are doing our best to keep her comfortable. I spend a lot of time rocking her to sleep, and just cuddling with her. There is a bit of jealousy but also concern. Emily spends a good bit of time lying with Olive, sniffing her ears, just paying attention to her.

Not sure how Emily will be when we lose our precious Olive. I have hopes for another year with our baby, but that's just a hope. The vet is not as hopeful.

Life with dogs and cats. Always an adventure!


Caren, how right you are - this has to be Chester! HE was always the one who wanted his ears rubbed and now Emily insists on it! I'm watching and seeing Chester in other ways too. For instance, she now likes to sit near me on the bed. Never before... that was Chester's place. So interesting!

I wish we could communicate more effectively with our pups. Cody and Emily would have lots to tell us!


@LeeAnn, yes, I look her in the eyes daily and ask. I've learned that she now likes her ears rubbed, exactly the way I used to rub Chester's ears. It's not something she has ever asked for before!

But there is more and I have not yet learned what it is. As I told Caren, Emily is now lying next to me on the bed (not something she did before) or even on the rug next to me, instead of with Tom.

I will keep trying. It is sad and frustrating that I don't know what she is trying to tell me... she is clearly trying to convey a message.

Layla Morgan Wilde

How about an animal communicator? She could be having a visitation or it could be cognitive. My guess it's the physical and energetic change in the house. Construction is noisy and we know dogs hear at supersonic levels but construction, even re-decorating changes a home's feng shui. There were two major compass directions warning against major renos this year. If you're open to feng shui, the annual changes happen during the Chinese New Year in Feb. Worth checking out. Happy to chat. Long over due :-)

LeeAnna Paylor

I would love to email chat with you about this. Have you looked her in the eyes, with all the belief she will tell you, and asked her what's wrong? Then open your awareness? I imagine you have. Our beloved poodle son Cole was fairly good at sending feelings and pictures to me. Oh how I miss him too. It's been almost 4 months... LeeAnna at not afraid of color
leeannaquilts at gmail dot com

Caren Gittleman

I COMPLETELY believe that Emily is channeling Chester, COMPLETELY. I know they say that cats see spirits, if cats can, why can't dogs?

Here is a story that tells WHY I believe Emily is channeling Chester. When my Angel Bobo left us, I couldn't bear to get rid of his crate. So, I keep it in the closet in my "office" with the closet door SHUT. The crate door was also shut, (but not locked). I NEVER have shown this crate to Cody. Over a year ago I was looking for Cody and couldn't find him ANYWHERE. Running out of places to look, I opened the closet, bent down and noticed the door to Bobo's old crate was open. I looked inside...there was CODY. How he ever knew the crate was in there was beyond me...(unless he smelled it)...but...why did he choose to lay in it when he has TONS of other sleeping spots? The sweetest thing? He goes into that crate nearly daily. It is STILL in the closet. If the closet door is shut, Cody opens it to go in that crate. I firmly believe he is communicating with Bobo, probably telling him how lucky Bobo was to NOT live with a dog lol.............or who knows what else?

I believe Emily IS communicating with Chester. I totally believe it!

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